Revelation 3:20(KJV)20 Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me.......
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"Sheep in wolf's clothing" Pastors/Priests/Church/Leaders from outside they look good/innocent/pure/saved, but inside they are evil, following satan, not Jesus, and they are LOST, and do not FOLLOW GOD AND HIS WORD LIKE A CHURCH SHOULD.

Let us pray for the Church and the Lost, to found truth and salvation in Jesus Christ and the word of God, He is the only way and the only truth.

God bless, thank you for reading please do share.


My Dream 08 August 2011 - My experience in Hell.... Please Repent and turn to Jesus before it's to late..

Before I went to bed, after my prayer it was about 1pm, I fell asleep.....

I was dreaming really bad dreams, dreams I shouldn't nor wanted to dream, I was fighting what I was dreaming about as I knew this was wrong...when this voice spoke to me, This was the voice of God "why are you dreaming these things? Why are you doing these things? You know you should not do or dream these things? Why are you not listening to me? Now it's too late...."

Then all of a sudden I was falling and I landed on hard dry bare ground, it was the most terrible, horrible feeling, when I opened my eyes, I just knew I was in Hell, I screamemy spiritual body new my fleshly body was in bed sleeping, I tried to move, and to wake my husband, yelling to him to wake me up, but I couldn't I was totally paralysed I could not scream, touch him or do anything, I was trapped in this cell of darkness and there was nowhere to go, no way out.

All the screams I gave was in Hell were nobody heard me or cared, there was a bit of light in the cell were I landed,"which Holy Spirit revealed was from the Lord to show me where I was", it was so dark, I could see bars around me, and just pitch blackness, then all of a sudden these hands came out of now where grabbing me, I screamed and moved away, then in front of me I saw fire, it's not like fire here on earth it's a fire that burn forever and will never die out, I could not smell, taste or feel, this was blocked from my mind, it was horrible feeling, I cried and yelled, screamed then I saw many maggots and bugs crawling in front of me, I just screamed and prayed for the Lord, then I woke up screaming, waking my husband....

I know the Lord took me to Hell, to show me what it would be like and feel like, the dreams I dreamed was placed there for a reason, I had to feel like a sinner, someone whom did not listen to the Lord, sinned died and go to Hell, it was blocked from my mind that I was saved, or belonged to Jesus, I felt just like someone would, whom are not saved, and dies and then will find themselves in Hell!!

Only when I screamed and woke up, I knew I was save and saved, I was so tired and fell asleep again, after praying to the Lord....

PLEASE REPENT AND GIVE YOUR LIFE, SOUL TO JESUS BEFORE IT'S TO LATE, HELL IS A REAL PLACE, A PLACE OF TORMENT, LONELINESS, NO PEACE, TOTAL DARKNESS, AND YOU WILL NEVER EVER LEAVE OR GET OUT OF THERE, I have not seen/experienced any souls being tormented, or demons, but what I experienced was sad/frightened enough, I was so scared, you will never ever leave this place, it's a dark, sad place where you will spend eternity, without anyone hearing your screams, please ask Jesus to come into your life, make a choice IT'S TO LATE CHOOSE JESUS, GOD GAVE US FREEWILL AND CHOICE - CHOOSE WISELY AND CHOOSE NOW...TIME IS RUNNING OUT - JESUS IS COMING SOON OUR KING IS COMING AND THOSE WHOM ARE LEFT BEHIND, WILL SUFFER, IT WILL BE VERY HARD, PAINFUL TIMES, YOU HAVE A CHOICE NOW TO ESCAPE THIS - CHOOSE LIFE, CHOOSE JESUS!!!!

ALL the Glory to Jehovah Abba Father, Almighty God our Creator and Author of All, thank you Jesus my Lord my King my Savior thank you Holy Spirit for your love, guidance and wisdom you are my best friend...

I know the Lord showed me Hell for a reason, Testimony to share,IS REAL!!!!

Thank you for reading and sharing, may God bless you, your family and friends


Sister/Friend in Jesus Christ




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