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I was tormented by demons in Hell

Then the Lord took me to another place, but I protested, “Take me out of this place, this place is horrible please.” The Lord held my hand as we were still going and suddenly there came a very horrible demon, very big demon with long nails.  Then, for a time I could no longer see Jesus! The demon grabbed my hair and flew away with me, the Lord somehow disappeared and left me alone. The demon dragged me to a place, and other demons came upon me, committing all sorts of gruesome acts.

A hear a voice saying, “You're going to spend eternity here in Hell, and you will be tormented, you will feel all the pains and sorrow that are here in Hell.”  I screamed, “Lord I can't take this, I can't take this.”

A demon of Oral Sex

Another demon came upon me, it had a very long mouth, I tried to push him away but I couldn't.  He forced his mouth into my mouth and my I could feel his saliva spread all over my mouth.  I cried, “Lord why are you permitting this to happen to me?”

The Lord said, “It is necessary, it is necessary for you to talk to the people on earth about what Hell really is, so they can understand the purpose.” ... “I AM A HOLY GOD, there are a lot of people in the church, doing all sorts of immoral acts with their mouths.”  I asked, “Lord, how can I say all these things?” The Lord said, “Say everything I have shown to you.”

The Lord showed me a screen where I saw all types of immorality. There are a lot of people in the church today committing different kinds of secret sins.  I asked, “Lord what is this?”  The Lord said, “Tell them to change, tell them that I AM HOLY GOD. Tell them that their mouth is for them to glorify Me and not for immorality.”

I said, “Lord take this demon off my body!”  It was sucking all over my body.  His saliva was very black, and getting all over me. It was so terrible, the smell of Hell is horrible, worse than a decayed dead dog, even beyond my description.  I said “Lord help me, I can't take this anymore.”

Jesus said, “Daughter calm down, it is very necessary for you to go through all these things.”  I asked, “Lord, why did you leave me alone?”

The Vanity of the Dance

Then another demon came, he took me to a place were I saw other souls dancing, I asked, “Lord, what is next for me to do now?”  I was forced to dance in flames, there were things there forcing me to dance, I asked, “Lord why is this happening to me?”

The Lord said, “Because you are a dancer, you dance at the sound of every Christian music and every other music that pleases you.” ... “Those things do not please Me.”  I said, “Lord forgive me, I won't do it again.”  The Lord said, “Just like you, there are a lot of people like that among My people dancing like the people of the world, they move their waists like the worldly people. Those things don’t please Me.”  [Sensual Dancing, not praise Dancing, 2 Sam. 6:14]

I said, “Lord forgive me, have mercy on me,” because my soul was burning, I was in flames. I can't describe how terrible it is in Hell.  I'm not lying, I'm telling you the truth, Hell is real, I was there.

The demons then brought me to another place, filled with worms. They worms entered into different parts of my body, through my ears, my eyes. I said, “Lord, please have mercy on me, I will do all you've asked me to do but please bring me out of this place.”

The Lord said, “This is very necessary, so everyone can understand that Hell is real, lots of people says that Hell does not exist, you go and tell them that Hell does exist.”

I was then taken out of the place where I was being tormented by worms.  The Lord said, “It's very necessary that you say all these things you've seen for souls to be saved, I'm doing all this for the love I have for humanity. I was going to lose you if I hadn't brought you here.”  ... “A lot of souls will be saved through the testimony.”

I went through a lot of torments in Hell with flames all over my body. Then suddenly a bright light came forth and the Lord appeared. I ran to Him and embraced Him. I asked, “Lord why did You leave me alone? Why did you leave me alone? Why???”

The Lord said, “Yes My daughter”...“Daughter, it was necessary that you feel the pains that souls suffer here in Hell so that you would be able to explain it to the rest of the world.”

Then the Lord took me out of there; and showed me other things, which I cannot say at this time.  God will tell me when I can share the other things I saw.  I can now only tell you what I am permitted to reveal.


My Second Journey to Heaven
Everything is Ready in Heaven

The Lord said, “I will show you where I told My disciples, that I was going to prepare a place for them, that where I am, there they will be; so that you can tell everyone that all these things are real.”   The Lord was taking me straight to Heaven. Then I saw a very big door open.  I said, “Lord, Hell is horrible but Heaven is beautiful.” The Lord said, “Daughter, I will show you Heaven”. 

I saw a place that was like a big city in Heaven; it was so big.  The Lord showed me a street in Heaven that was made of gold, real gold! [Rev. 21:21]  I saw beautiful flowers along the streets of Heaven. No flower on earth can compare to the flowers in Heaven.

The Lord took me to a place and said, “I'm going to show you a river; I'm going to place you there.” I saw a river like glass, it had some shinning stones in it. There were also fish, and the Lord brought one out of the river in His hand.  The fish was happy, playing on the palms of the Lord. 

I said, “Lord, put the fish back into the river, it's going to die.” The Lord replied, “No one dies here, death doesn't exist here, this place is full of life, everything here is life.”

I said, “Lord, there are a lot of people being tormented in Hell, why didn't you give them the opportunity to amend their ways and come here to Heaven.” Jesus replied, “They are there as a result of their disobedience.”

Like a little child, Jesus took me from place to place. That river was so beautiful, everything waiting for us in Heaven is beautiful.

I asked, “Where are the souls you saved? Where are they in Heaven?”Jesus replied, “I will show them to you.”  The Lord took me to another place and showed me one of my Sisters in Christ who died, her name is Aurora Esperanza. I saw another sister; she was the daughter of one of my sisters, named Grace. She looked so young and beautiful.  The Lord said,“THESE ARE MY SAINTS.”

She has so much peace in Heaven; the Saints in Heaven are just like Angels. I saw young Saints in Heaven, and their clothes were different.  That place was full of beautiful flowers, a very beautiful place with a sweet smell.

The Lord said, “Now I will show you where the garments of My Saints are.”  I asked the Lord, “Are you going to show me my own garment?” And Jesus said, “I will show you the garments of My Saints.”

I saw some garments that were white and decorated with gold. The garments have golden belts with names written on them.  Jesus said, “These are the garments of My Saints and these are the garments of some other people that are still in the world, they haven't received Me yet.”

I said, “Lord I want to see the crowns, show me the crown of my Pastor, and my own crown, Lord I want to see my crown.” The Lord said, “I will show them to you.” The Lord showed me very beautiful crowns.

The Lord showed me my crown, it was without stones!  It didn't impress me like my Pastor’s crown. I asked, “Why is my crown without stones, like the Pastor's?” The Lord said, “You can't understand all she has gone through to have this kind of crown with plenty of stones on it.”

An angel is appointed to place stones on the crowns when people repent and come to Jesus.
When you win souls to the Kingdom of Heaven, the angel will put a stone on your crown! 
When you help the less privileged, the angel will add another stone to your crown!
When you help the widow, the angel will add another stone to your crown! 
When you help the poor and the homeless, the angel will add more stones to your crown!

The Lord was talking to me about my Pastor. He said that she has suffered a lot for the Kingdom's sake; she had gone through a lot to have that kind of crown. She has so much passion for souls.

The Lord said, “Tell her to hold tight what she has so that another person won’t take her crown.” [Rev. 3:11]  I told my Pastor all that the Lord told me.

Then the Lord showed me the crowns of all His Saints; the crowns of people that are yet to give their lives to Jesus, that are still in the world.

The Throne of God in Heaven

The Lord said, “Daughter I will show you something.”  From a distance, I saw a very big throne, a very precious throne.  The Lord said, “This is the throne of My Father.”

The Lord was sitting there; the brightness of the throne could not let me see much beyond.  I saw elders laying down their crowns and prostrating to worship the Lord, they never stopped worshipping. I saw lots of angels standing around the throne of God. The book ofRevelation talks about this place, Heaven is so real, I was there!  I saw lots of angels in Heaven and whenever they see the Lord, they take off their crowns and prostrate themselves and worship the Lord.

The Lord said, “Daughter tell the world that Heaven is real, speak My daughter.”  I asked, “Lord, do You think they will believe me?” The Lord said, “YES”...“Daughter, ALL THE GLORY BELONGS TO ME, ALL THE GLORY IS MINE.”  Then I understand that God does not share His glory with anyone. [Isaiah 42:8]

The angels were singing, worshipping the Lord all the time, they don't stop.  I saw the church of good Pastors worshipping the Lord there, my sister Jasmine was helping to direct them.  The Lord said, “Tell the choir of the church of good pastors to worship Me and stop doing things that don't please Me. Tell them that whenever they are worshiping Me, the angels in Heaven worship along with them.”

To all of God's worshipers, the Lord wants you all to worship Him more! “Tell them to worship Me,” the Lord said.  Our God is a Holy Father!

The angels were playing different instruments and worshiping the Lord. They were very beautiful, and had so much peace in them; they worshiped from their hearts.

The Lord took me to another place where I saw seven angels holding seven trumpets.  Next to them were other seven angels with cups in their hands.  These were very tall and huge angels, wearing white garments, a whiteness that is beyond my description.

I asked, “Lord who are these angels?”  The Lord said, “These angels are waiting to be sent on earth, to destroy the Earth.” [Rev. 15:7]

The angels already have the trumpets in their hands, they are only waiting for the Lord's command to sound the trumpets.

I asked, “Lord why are they very tall?” The Lord said, “Because they are Princes.”

I intended to ask more questions, but the Lord said, “Don't be too curious, don't ask too many questions.  Only say the things I've shown to you, the things I have asked you to say. Tell them that there is only one Heaven and there is no other, tell them that I'm real, because a lot of people don't talk much about Me, tell them God is up there waiting for them.”

The Lord said, “Now I will show you what is happening among My people.”  He showed me a place that had some type of veil. The Lord said, “See what is going on in My Church. In My Church there are a lot of things that don't please Me, I will only present to My Father a Holy nation, My Church is not ready. Go tell them to prepare because the trumpet is about to sound.”

I saw the table of the Lord's Supper was already prepared! The Lord said, “Now I will show you where the Saints will dine with Me.”   He showed me a very large dining table, well decorated with a white cloth, golden cups, and chairs all over.  The seats have the names of the Saints written on them, but I couldn't understand the language.

I asked the Lord to show me my own seat. The Lord showed me my seat and said, “Tell My church to prepare, tell my people that the table is prepared.”  I said, “Lord this is beautiful, I wanted to sit in one of the seats.” But Jesus replied, “Don't sit on it, it’s not yet time.”

I saw the angels going back and forth, one came and spoke directly into the Lord's ear.  I asked the Lord, “What did he say?” The Lord said, “Don't be curious.”

The Lord said, “Daughter it's time, it's time for you to return back.  Tell My Church to prepare, tell them all I have shown you.” I said, “Nooooo, I don't want to go back.”  The Lord said, “Yes, you have to go and tell them everything you've seen, tell them that the table is already served, ready waiting for you, you have to prepare yourselves.” ... “My Church is like this, some are double minded, some are hypocrites, some are not ready, some don't adore Me, some do things in My house because they are obligated to do them, some want to be seen and praised by their pastors.”   Jesus started Crying!

Disobedient Children
Attending to Mobile Phones in the Church

The Lord showed me a church, I saw a preacher who was preaching at the altar and suddenly his mobile phone rang.  This preacher stopped preaching, and went out to attend to his mobile phone. The Lord said, “Can you see how they ignore My presence, see how they ignore My presence, when a man is preaching, he is preaching My word. They prefer to attend to a mobile phone than attending to Me.” ... “Talk, talk to the Pastors to forget about their own doctrine, they can hate you if they want, but a lot of people will understand the purpose why I brought you here and a lot of people will repent.”

To you Pastor, people might hate you when you decide to do the will of God. It’s not important if they hate you, forget about your doctrine, and adhere to the doctrine that God has given you. Don't try to please anyone, don't compromise.

The Lord said, “I'm going to unite My Church together, I only have one Church, I have no other Church on Earth but just one Church. This is the Church I will take to Heaven; this is the Church I will present to My Father.” [John 10:16]

We must surrender all to Jesus Christ. Those that don't sin anymore, who have forsaken their old ways to do the will of God, those that are born again; these are the people that will see the face of the Lord.  I've told you all that the Lord asked me to say.  All the glory, all the glory belongs to God.

I'm here only by the mercy of God, to tell you the things that Jesus asked me to say.  May this message go into your heart and change your life so that you can repent.  Ask the Lord, “Lord in what area am I failing?” and the Lord will respond to you.

I want to tell you that Jesus Christ loves you, He wants to change and transform your life.  Jesus Christ doesn't want you to go to Hell, but rather He wants you to go to Heaven.  Heaven is real, and Hell is real, repent now and give your life to Jesus Christ. You can only have salvation in Jesus Christ.  Jesus Christ is knocking at the door of your heart through this message, seek the Lord with all your heart and He will do great things with you.

The Lord said, “All these things I have shown you had been prophesied in The Book of Ezekiel, The Book of Daniel and in The Book of Revelation. All these revelations are all there in the Bible.”

I pray this testimony will transform your life. To the glory of God. AMEN. GOD BLESS YOU ALL


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